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Who is Youth Yoga Project? 


Our Story

Youth Yoga Project was started by two educators, Julia and Lauren, who met on bus duty working at a Central Ohio school.  Julia and Lauren soon learned they shared a passion for yoga and mindfulness as well as providing the best education and opportunities possible for all students.  They practiced yoga together regularly for their self-care and started to teach yoga informally to students. After seeing the profound positive benefits yoga had on their students, Lauren and Julia decided to bring their two passions together by teaching yoga in school and community settings.  The mission of Youth Yoga Project was born out of their desire to support students and teachers through yoga and mindfulness practices because they believe that every student will benefit from access to yoga because of the positive benefits it affords them inside and outside of the classroom.

Yoga and mindfulness are simple and effective tools to help children, teens and adults regulate their brain, nervous system and body leading to better outcomes socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively.  To fulfill its mission, Youth Yoga Project provides yoga and mindfulness instruction to PreK-12th grade students, training for educators, and trauma-informed social-emotional learning (SEL) curriculum for schools.


Our Approach

Youth Yoga Project (YYP) empowers students to be yoga teachers so that they can share what they have learned in yoga with their peers, teachers and families.  The YYP curriculum incorporates a reflective and reciprocal teaching model with the responsibility for teaching yoga gradually released to students over the course of the program.  When you observe a YYP yoga class, you will see students as leaders guiding their peers through yoga practices such as belly breathing.  


In this way, hundreds of youth in Central Ohio are involved in spreading yoga to their local communities.

YYP also empowers school buildings to be more calm, focused and joyful places to learn. We help educators develop their own mindfulness practice to allow them to be a consistent, calm presence for students and to help shift the way they respond to student behavior. By providing consistent and on-going training and coaching for educators as well as curriculum, Youth Yoga Project supports schools to become self-sustaining Mindful Schools.



Our Mission

Youth Yoga Project (YYP) is a Columbus-based, non-profit organization committed to providing access to yoga and mindfulness programming for PreK-12th grade youth to improve their physical, social, and emotional well-being and increase their academic success.  YYP has a particular mission to serve students in under-resourced communities that wouldn't normally have access to yoga programming. We believe that in order to have the greatest impact on the most students, yoga programs should be integrated into the regular schedule of students.   Therefore, we provide yoga programming in schools, after-school programs and community settings.

Our Vision

That all students will learn yoga and mindfulness strategies to calm their body and focus their mind as a regular part of their PreK-12th grade education.