Youth Yoga Project Bracelet with Wild Sage Collective

Youth Yoga Project Bracelet with Wild Sage Collective


This beautiful Youth Yoga Project Aventurine and Wood Heart Chakra Bracelet was created by The Wild Sage Collective and all proceeds from bracelet sales support more yoga and mindfulness in schools. Try putting your favorite essential oil on the beautiful woods beads and enjoy feeling centered throughout the day.

Feel your truth.

Love is directed both inward and outward with no strings attached.


"I am love. I am compassionate. I am calm."


The Heart Chakra, is represented by the color green and is located in the center of the chest. A balanced Heart Chakra brings in love, compassion and gratitude.

When wearing this jewelry:

Set an intention for yourself for the day involving the Heart Chakra. Focus on its meaning to bring in and balance those qualities and energies in your life. The jewelry will serve as a beautiful reminder of the intention you set.

Handmade with love and light and finished with a blessing. 

Packaged with love in a recycled craft gift box with a beautiful card detailing the chakra and mantras to guide in intention setting and meditation.

Accent Color:
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