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YYP programs improve students’ social-emotional learning skills

by giving students practical tools to manage their emotions and stay learning-ready in the classroom.

Become a YYP Certified Mindful School

Become A YYP Certified Mindful School

YYP supports schools to become self-sustaining Mindful Schools during a three year process. YYP is an organization that was created by educators for educators and is uniquely positioned to help schools to implement and sustain school-wide practices with fidelity.

Mindfulness Curriculum

Mindfulness Curriculum

YYP’s virtual and easy-to-use mindfulness curriculum is directly aligned with social-emotional learning standards and teaches students to use their body and breath to calm and regulate their mind and nervous system with simple and effective mindfulness practices.

Youth Yoga Hour

Youth Yoga Hour

Yoga and Mindfulness for Students

A semester or year-long weekly yoga program that teaches PreK-12th grade students to use their breath and body to regulate their mind and nervous system.  A trained YYP instructor leads students through our trauma-informed, social emotional learning curriculum that empowers students with simple and effective yoga and mindfulness practices.  When students have a toolbox of healthy coping and stress management strategies, they are able to easily calm and focus their mind and body throughout the school day using accessible mindful movement, breathing and relaxation strategies.

This program can be incorporated into the general education classroom, health or PE class, advisory programs, lunch or recess, or before or after school programs.

Professional Development & Self-Care for Educators

Professional Development & Self-Care for Educators

Hourly, half day or full day on-site professional development workshops equip educators with the training and skills necessary to incorporate mindful moments and  yoga breaks into their work with students.

All our workshops are tailored to the specific needs of school communities and can include the following topics: incorporating mindfulness and yoga into the classroom; social-emotional learning; trauma-informed teaching; changing the way we respond to student behavior; setting up alternative discipline programs; mindfulness and yoga for educator self-care; restorative practices.

Other professional development topics available upon request.


Because of the yoga, the students are recognizing they have the ability to calm their minds and relax their bodies in order to control their behavior and provide themselves with healthy self-care...
— Sharee Thigpen // School Counselor at South High