Become a Mindful School

Year 1: Introductory Year

During the introductory year, YYP works with the school to introduce mindfulness to the school community and start a dialogue about the importance of mindfulness to support students and staff.

Schools will:

  • Form an interdisciplinary Mindfulness Professional Learning Community

  • Receive ongoing professional development and coaching from YYP

  • Receive mindfulness curriculum from YYP

  • Begin to utilize mindfulness for professional self-care

  • Begin to introduce mindfulness practices to students

Year 2: Transition Year

During the transition year, responsibility for mindfulness at the school begins to shift to the building Mindfulness Professional Learning Community (PLC).  THe PLC engages in a “train the trainer” model with YYP wherein YYP empowers members of the PLC to train other staff members in the building on mindfulness.

Schools will:

  • Expand their Mindfulness PLC to add additional staff members and meet more often

  • Receive “train the trainer” professional development from YYP to build a cohort of school staff who become building experts in mindfulness

  • Receive mindfulness curriculum from YYP

  • With support from YYP, the school staff will incorporate mindfulness into:

    • advisory and other SEL initiatives within the school

    • behavior response protocols (such as detention)

    • high-stakes testing preparation initiatives

    • health and PE courses

    • general education classroom instruction

Year 3: Certification Year

During the certification year, the leadership for all mindfulness initiatives at the school transfers fully to the PLC and YYP completes check-ins with the PLC throughout the school year.  During check-ins, YYP supports the PLC as they continue to lead and build the mindfulness initiatives in their building.

Schools will:

  • Receive school-wide staff professional development at the beginning of the school year on mindfulness  This professional development will be co-led by YYP and the building MIndfulness PLC

  • Receive mindfulness curriculum from YYP

  • Continue and strengthen all mindfulness initiatives from year 2